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The apparel industry has gone through dramatic changes in recent decades.

  • Clothing has become a disposable item
  • The industry is globalized (Design, manufacturing and sales)
  • The average lifecycle of clothing becomes shorter & shorter (fast fashion)

The impact on the environment, society and economy is huge, and can not continue like this. Therefore it is of paramount importance to start looking at apparel in a circular way. Doing so will have an enormous impact on all players in the value-chain.

From a materials perspective the following topics are very relevant and will be discussed during this conference:

  • Sustainable fibers
  • Bio-mass/biobased elastomer technology
  • Chemical recycling to separate different material types
  • Sustainable alternatives for dyes and other add-ons
  • Traceability and Transparency in the value chain
  • Microfibers / Microplastics
  • Design for recycling

Most fundamentally, succeeding in this new circular textile / fashion value chain will likely require materials companies to dramatically re-evaluate how they do business. Instead of the traditional approach of developing a new material, companies have to collaborate across the value chain, from design to full-scale production and reuse / recycling.

During the Materials for Sustainable Fashion Conference program the (inter)national speakers will present their view and experience on this fast changing market.

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