Textiles recycling in Europe’s circular economy

A duo presentation by Luca Loise CEO of Recyclinnova and Sasan Momtazi co-founder.

The textile industry has a growing need to recycle its waste, with particular reference to polyester. European fiber consumption was 3,3 million tons/year, Artificial fibers have increased by 2% while natural fibers have remained unchanged and among Artificial fibers, Polyester fiber is the single-largest-volume fiber used globally, accounting for about 50% of the overall man-made and natural fiber market.

But the chemical recycling of polyester garments is currently encountering problems for several reasons including contamination; polyesters fibers are normally mixed with other material and this blend may cause separation problems for the recyclers.

Today, due to recent advances in chemical recycling, it is possible to use high performance chemoselective methods to recycle textile and fabrics that have a high percentage of polyester without separation and washing and turn them into petrochemical raw materials that can be used for producing virgin polyester fiber again.

About Sasan Momtazi
I love to dig into the human-made environmental problems and solve them with green technology. While studying chemistry, I realized that plastics, along with their benefits to our daily life, are ruthlessly destroying our planet, thus if we haven’t any other place to live we should solve this problem.

I started to focus on one of the most common kinds of plastics (PET) and found a profitable solution for upcycling them to first grade materials. now I materialized this dream into the real world.

About Recyclinnova
Our mission in RECYCLINNOVA is to help the planet by converting wastes produced in our day to day routines to valuable product eliminating the waste from our life cycle and earth by developing innovative recycling processes & technologies.

Our effort in the company is to develop innovative recycling technologies to not only save the environment from wastes but also give values to the wastes produced in our day to day life good for both consumers and the industries.

Our goal is to develop novel and efficient recycling processes, and therefore establish them to a pilot scale plants and successfully to the industrial level to have Zeropet operating plant in every region and hopefully in the future as a residential recycling units.

Sasan and Luca will be speaking at the 2021 conference edition.

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